COVID 19 Virus

To all Members of the Billiards and Snooker fraternity in Tasmania, so the North-West, Northern and Southern Associations and of course just as important, the Clubs that we play our competitions in.

Following on from a number of telephone and email exchanges between the State B&S Council Members and representatives of the Affiliates, I want to advise all of our members of the following.

Effective immediately and as Agreed by all Associations in Tasmania, all Rosters and any formal sanctioned competition in Tasmania are suspended until June 30.

From the TBSA perspective we need to;
1. treat the health, safety and welfare of the players, officials and the community generally as paramount.
2. generally support the ABSC position (a copy of their advice is contained below).
3. postpone’ rather than ‘cancel’ our planned events, on the basis:

(a) that no tournaments are scheduled to be held before 30 June.

(b) we will review progress again by 1 June and report to members then on further developments.

(c) we will try and play all of the triangular shields during the year if possible, but if not possible, aim to play at least one A grade and one A reserve shield event later in the year.

(d) leave the State and area snooker championships as scheduled for now but subject to review.

(e) if the state Snooker and Billiards needs to be postponed we aim for it to still be played prior to the relevant National Championship (if held).

Below is the content of the advice from the Australian Billiards & Snooker Council, which came out on Monday 16th March, it reads in full as follows

“In light of recent developments in respect of the COVID-19 virus, the Board of the ABSC has resolved to cancel all national and open tournaments presently scheduled in the period up to 30 June 2020.”
“Ultimately the health, safety and welfare of the players, officials and the community generally has to take precedence. The Board expects that its decision will be mirrored at a State & Territory level by its various Member States.”
“Any entry fees paid to date for any events will be refunded in full.”
“We suggest you seek to obtain a refund for any travel expenses or defer and reuse the airfares in the future. If you cannot obtain a refund or defer using the airfare, please email the Secretary General of the ABSC explaining your circumstances and we will give due consideration to whether assistance can be provided.”
“This decision also extends to players who are eligible to compete in tournaments overseas. At this time the ABSC will not support any player who wishes to travel internationally to play in tournaments.”
“The Board will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will advise of any change to its position as and when necessary.”

To conclude my message to you as TBSA President, please stay safe and if there is any changes to public health policy or specific recommendations, I will update you as soon as possible.
Once again, thanks to all associations for your support in these unprecedented times.

Colin Langman
President, TBSA